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OLP display unit has the characteristics of long life, high definition, high brightness, high contrast and color fidelity, which is mainly used in the high resolution monitoring center, command center, dispatch center, etc., which need 7x24 hours continuous use.



Rong Hao projection display unit adopts ti's latest LVDS DMD display chip ha extreme color (BrilliarltColorTM) technology, provide a vivid dynamic quality. Using the technology of DarkChip3TM, and use high gray level 3D high frequency pulse circuit, and equipped with an independent patent screen and a significant increase in the contrast and brightness, and highlight the picture of the depth of field sense of worship sharpness and improve the purity of black and white color, make the transition colors more smooth and delicate. To make the picture more uniform, showing a perfect image quality.


DMD chip technology parameter list



High precision industrial box design

Rong Hao too, as the R & D team using the modular design concept, developed to meet various applications in the field of general type high precision splicing box, display unit regardless of the what kind of projection machine, as long as the same size can be used. The box body is made of aluminum, which is of good rigidity, and is suitable for multi layer stacking and arc splicing.


High strength base

Projection unit base using high strength steel or aluminum alloy material, coated with insulating coating materials, coating surface is smooth, spraying uniform and consistent tone, color and body color consistent. Between the projection unit box and the base, the structure is firmly connected to the lower part of the base, and the base must be fixed on the floor of the movable floor, which has enough bearing capacity.




Screen length and width ratio 4:3 box size



Screen length and width ratio 16:9 box size




Screen length and width ratio 16:10 box size







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